Here are some frequently asked questions about registering repertoire, which may impact upon payments made for the use of an individual recording:

  • What ISRC should be used?
    If you have remixed, re-recorded, edited a track by more than 10 seconds, or remastered a recording, you should assign a new ISRC.  If you have licensed a recording from the original copyright owner you should use the same ISRC assigned by the original owner. More information on ISRCs can be found here.

  • What PDate should be used?
    The PDate is the year the recording or video was originally released. If the recording has not been changed, the PDate is the same as the date used when the recording was first registered.  If the recording has been changed, the PDate is the year that the new version is released.

  • What happens if I don’t own the recording?
    If you have non-exclusively licensed the recording for use on a compilation you should register the recording with PPL and click the “Third Party” box in the Recording Rights Holder section of the Register Repertoire screen.  By doing this, you will not have to provide further details of your rightsholding and it will help to prevent disputes on the recording.