Industry sector specific events and business start-up events provide us with a very good opportunity to educate business owners about music licensing, the need for a PPL music licence and the benefits that music can bring to businesses.

We often attend these events with PRS for Music to educate business owners about all aspects of music licensing and to make sure that they are correctly licensed by both organisations.

Ensuring that businesses have the licences that they legally require to play the music they want increases the revenue we generate, and ensures that our members who invest their time, talent and money to make music are fairly paid for the use of their music.

Events we will be attending in 2014 with PRS for Music to drive further awareness about music licensing amongst business owners and increase our revenues:

  • South East Business Show, Gatwick, 24 January
  • South East London Expo, West Ham, 27 February
  • National Convenience Show, Birmingham, 24-26 March
  • Kent 2020 Live, Kent, 14 May
  • The Business Show, London, 15-16 May
  • Facilities Show, London, 17-19 June
  • Kent 2020 Vision start-up live, Kent, 22 October