Call for Evidence Underway as Part of Independent Code Review

UK collective management organisations (CMOs), including PPL, have commissioned an independent review of their voluntary Codes of Conduct and the self-regulatory framework on which they are based.

A Call for Evidence is currently underway which seeks the views of interested parties, including CMO members and licensees. Friday, 28 February 2014 marks the deadline for responses.

Across the UK’s creative industries, CMOs have adopted Codes of Conduct  to set out information about themselves and the key service standards to which they are committed. The codes have been established in association with the British Copyright Council. This self-regulatory framework also provides for an independent review process, to take place every three years.

The first of these Independent Code Reviews is being conducted by Walter Merricks CBE (former Chief Financial Ombudsman).  His Call for Evidence consultation paper sets out a series of questions, with the option of completing these via an online survey.

More information about the Call for Evidence, including the consultation paper and online survey, can be found at: Following the deadline for responses (28 February 2014), the Independent Code Reviewer will then publish a report in May 2014.