We are delighted to announce that in December 2014, over £20 million in UK and international royalties was distributed to our members. In 2014, in total, we paid 55,852 performers and 5,458 recording rightsholders.

PPL exists to ensure that all those who invest their time, talent and money to make recorded music are fairly paid for their work. We are committed to maximising the royalties due to our members when their performances on recorded music are played in public or broadcast (TV, radio or online) whether in the UK or around the world. Everything that we collect – less costs – is distributed back to our membership.

Payments to our members are made throughout the year. There is a main annual payment for UK income which is made in June, while money generated internationally and from additional rights is paid at intervals throughout the year. PPL remains a crucial income stream for thousands of performers, as the music industry continues to change, representing all genres and performers from householdnames to specialist artists.

Some players we just paid

This image illustrates just some of the performers that received a UK and international allocation in December, broken down by instrument.

PPL’s revenue streams are:

Broadcast & Online: We work with and license hundreds of broadcasters to make sure that our members are paid fairly whenever their repertoire is aired.

Public Performance: We licence hundreds of thousands of business premises across the UK that play recorded music.

International: We have agreements with 76 overseas Collective Management Organisations across five continents to help our members get paid when their music is played internationally.