BBC Radio reveal their most-played love songs of the 21st century

PPL has teamed up with BBC Radio 2 to host a chart of the Top 40 most-played love songs on the station in the 21st century.

The chart will be revealed live on-air Radio 2 today (14th February) from 8.30am on Sara Cox’s show and the positions will gradually be counted down throughout the day, revealing four chart positions per hour with the Number One spot being announced at 6.55pm on Simon Mayo’s Drivetime Show.

With the help of some of the biggest names in music, including Noel Gallagher, Bruno Mars and LeAnn Rimes and some classic BBC archive, listeners will get to hear what these songs mean to those who wrote them and why they’ve earned their place in the chart.

The chart was created using data PPL and was produced by Wisebuddah for Radio 2.

You can see the chart being unveiled live on the Radio 2 homepage here.