Catching up with: Pinact; PRS Foundation Funded Artist

Glaswegian trio, Pinact, comprises of Corrie Gillies (guitar/vocals), Lew Reynolds (drummers) and Jon Arbuthnott (bass).

In the past year, Pinact has toured regularly, played house parties, and performed at popular showcases such as New York’s CMJ Music Marathon. The band have released numerous songs on cassettes, 7”s, and vinyl compilations including the ‘Art Reeks’ project in collaboration with UK labels Art is Hard and Reeks of Effort. Pinact has also released their debut album produced by MJ of Hookworms, Stand Still and Rot, via the Brooklyn based indie Kanine Records.

We got the chance to catch up with Pinact just before they fly over to the States to play at this year’s SXSW. They were one of 37 acts funded by PRS Foundation’s International Showcase Fund who will be playing the festival.

What does it mean for you to be able to play SXSW?

Playing at SXSW this year is a great opportunity for the band to launch our second album.  We have big touring plans this year and hopefully, through relationships we make in Austin, we will be able to realise these plans.  The fact we have been funded to appear at the festival is amazing and we feel very lucky to be in this position.

Are there any other artists that you’re looking forward to seeing in Texas?

PWR BTTM, Meat Wave and Weezer. Hopefully our schedule works out and we can catch these bands. A lot of our friends from the UK are playing too; bands like Catholic Action, The Pooches, Doe and The Spook School. It will be great to see them playing to an American crowd!

What would you say your musical ‘style’ is like?

Noisy melodic guitar music.   

Who have you taken influence from in your career?

The big one for us is Nirvana. I don’t think we’d be playing in this band or even be friends if we hadn’t discovered Nirvana in our teens. They opened the doors to bands like the Breeders, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. But it isn’t the 90’s anymore.  We also have a lot of respect for current bands like the Cribs. Their recorded output is consistently great and they are such an amazing live band.

What has been your career highlight to date?

Finishing off our second album. We’re really proud of it and pushed ourselves more than we ever have in making it.

What else does 2017 have in store for you?

Our new album is due to be released in August/September 2017. We plan on touring as much as possible throughout the UK, Europe and North America and want to reach as many people as we can.

What has the journey been like to get to this point?

We’ve worked really hard over the past three years. We signed with New York based indie label Kanine Records a few years ago and they released our first record and we will be releasing a new album later this year. We have slowly and organically developed our own fan base over this time and it feels like things are about to change. We’re more confident than we’ve ever been and believe in the band more than we ever thought we could.

How important is funding from PRS Foundation to emerging artists?

The fact that artists in this country can get funded to attend festivals like SXSW is really amazing. This wouldn’t be possible for us without the funding from PRS foundation; so we are very, very grateful. This funding gives bands the opportunity to make their first steps in international touring and gives the greater music community a chance to discover these bands.

Are you headed to SXSW? Catch Pinact here:

Pinact at Valhalla

Mar 16, 2017, 10:00pm — 10:40pm (DST)

In November 2016, PPL pledged to invest £200k per year in new artists as part of the PRS for Music Foundation partnership. Find out more here.