How our International team works for you

At PPL we have one of the most successful international collections businesses in the world. We remain focused on building and maintaining relationships with our international counterparts at a time when neighbouring rights represent an ever more important revenue stream to the industry.

From increasing the reliability of the data we receive from our partners around the world, to sharing technical insights and managing data exchanges - our partnerships, knowledge and expertise ensure that our members are paid fairly when their creative work is played internationally.

Beneficial tax arrangements in the US and Canada

One of the many benefits of our international service is the US revenue status we have been granted by the IRS. In 2009 PPL became the first music licensing organisation to be granted ‘Qualified Intermediary’ status by the IRS, which means we are able to pay the US monies we collect for members inclusive of some or all of the 30 percent tax on non-residents that otherwise

would have been withheld. This form of tax is often referred to as ‘withholding tax’.  This allows us to distribute more of the revenue we collect on our members’ behalves from SoundExchange. We continually aim to maximise the monies collected for our members, while fully complying with the relevant tax laws, and we are pleased to confirm that the withholding tax rate on monies collected in Canada will now be reduced to zero percent.

Collaboration is key to our success

A fundamental reason for our success on a global scale is the time that we invest in sharing our knowledge and expertise with other collective management organisations (CMOs). This can be regarding many areas from our public performance collections and distribution rules - to insights on our work with PRS on Music Recognition Technology. Sharing information, best practice and information about our operations and systems at PPL, helps to develop and improve working practices on a global scale. To help develop our global relationships, we have recently visited AIE (Spain) GVL (Germany), ACTRA, Connect, Re:Sound (Canada) and SoundExchange (USA). We have also welcomed Sena (Netherlands), RIAK (Republic of Korea), PPL India (India), RIAJ, FMPJ (Japan) GVL (Germany), AGEDI (Spain), CREDIDAM (Romania), and SAMPRA (South Africa) to our offices in London.

Collaboration with our international counterparts provides an opportunity to understand in detail how different CMOs work, and understand the approach they take to their collections and distributions. An example of this was our recent visit to GVL. During the visit we received a demonstration of some of their new systems. Having a working knowledge of how other CMOs manage and match data allows us to carefully align our ways of working to each individual CMO. We are also able to share our own technical advances, and recently we were able to give our own presentations to Sena, SoundExchange, and Re:Sound, demonstrating our data capabilities, and in particular the benefits of our new Register Repertoire tool which went live in July.

Releasing revenue

PPL exchanges data with CMOs around the world every day - we know the importance of complete and accurate data. Each CMO has a set of data requirements and a processes which they follow and which we must understand to effectively manage member data at that CMO so that when a mandate conflict or recording level disputes arises we are able to effectively manage this for our members and so that revenue flows through.

Recently we had discussions with AIE in Spain to discuss the management of performer mandates and also to reduce conflicts (which is when more than one party claims the repertoire). We also walked through the different rights they collect and distribute.

Most CMOs have a unique way of operating and managing data, so these visits are vital to help drive global standards. From understanding different working structures, to improving the accuracy of data that is exchanged – we are proud of our global reach. We will continue to build on our existing relationships to drive the efficiency of claims made on behalf of our members, maximising the revenue we collect for you.